What is Seezart?

Seezart allows you to generate certificates of authenticity (COA) for your artworks with just a few clicks. By digitally certifying artworks, you establish your artwork's permanent record on a digital, decentralized and secure global ledger.

Seezart uses the Blockchain technology to build this ledger and provide traceability to artworks. This forms a permanent record of creation and ownership, allowing to check provenance and transfer COAs  easily, instantly and securely,  from any connected device.

Seezart is currently in closed beta. If you would like to join our early adopter community, request an invite at contact@seezart.com or click here for early access.


What can I do on Seezart ?

Seezart uses the Blockchain technology to enable artists, collectors and dealers creating permanent and irrefutable certificates of authenticity for their works of art.

With Seezart, everyone will be able to verify in real-time the provenance and legitimacy of their art.



What is the difference between a traditional certificate of authenticity and a Seezart certificate ?

A certificate of authenticity (COA) is a document given to a buyer along with an artwork as proof that the piece is authentic. Unfortunately, this document can be easily lost or copied.

Seezart’s digital COAs permanently record the provenance of physical or digital artworks on the most secure and decentralized ledger available: the Blockchain. A Seezart certificate can significantly reduce the possibility of forgeries and fraud, adding an additional layer of value and trust and making artworks easier to sell. 

By ensuring transparency, Seezart empowers reliable transactions.

Who is Seezart for ?

Seezart was originally designed for artists. Nevertheless, collectors, galleries, art insurers, experts, online marketplaces and all art professionals are essential in building a permanent, decentralized and anonymous ledger for the world’s art. 

All the actors from the art market can contribute to the creation of the permanent catalogue raisonné of art transactions, therefore, we are in discussions with many key stakeholders within the art industry.

Safety, transparency and security will enable an open marketplace of art whereby ownership can be democratized and more art sales can be realized.

Why should I use Seezart as an artist?

Whether you are an artist, art estate or foundation, Seezart can provide you with a new way of certifying your artworks, establishing a permanent record of your works. By ensuring your artworks’ traceability along its entire lifecycle and indisputably proving your authorship, Seezart will protect your art from being faked or forged, provide a clear record of your work, and simplify the process of selling and making bequests.

Why should I use Seezart as a collector?

If you’re just starting out or are a seasoned collector, if you’re buying because you love it or as an investment, Seezart provides confidence and security before, during and after the transaction takes place. You can verify everything easily, accessing COAs and legal titles instantly. Your own certificates are securely stored and accessible anytime, anywhere in case of need, able even to prove your claim in the case of litigation.

Why should I use Seezart as an art dealer?

Galleries, auction houses and art dealers using Seezart will enable greater transparency and therefore provide more liquidity to the art market. Real-time certification and transfer of ownership are now possible. By creating a digital certification standard, Seezart protects art dealers from the risk of selling fakes and forgeries and therefore protects their reputation.  
Using Seezart will also brand you as being among the most innovative art market professionals. 

What do I need to use Seezart ?

You just need a mobile device and an artwork to begin using Seezart. Seezart’s first product is a free app for smartphones and tablets. Soon, Seezart will be available through your desktop, too. 

What kind of artworks can I register?

Physical and digital artworks can be registered in Seezart. 
Seezart applies to all forms of art, past, present and future; it provides all works with a unique and unforgeable proof of ownership and provenance.

Will everyone know what I own ?

All information is private and secure. Who owns which artworks is confidential, and can be made public only on a discretionary basis. Every user is their own decision-maker regarding the information they want to share.

How much does it cost?

Seezart is currently a free service for early adopters.

Can I become an early adopter?

At the moment, Seezart is in closed beta.
If you want to be part of our community of early adopters, request an invite by sending an email to contact@seezart.com or click here for early access

What is Blockchain technology?

The Blockchain is a database that resides not in a single server, but across a distributed network of computers.
Protected by a powerful cryptographic system, the Blockchain’s digital ledger records every transaction occurring between people interacting in the same ecosystem in a continuously growing chain of “blocks”, with each block containing a timestamp and information linking it to a previous block. 
Whenever new transactions occur, the blockchain is authenticated across this distributed network, and then the transaction is included as a new block on the chain.

The blockchain is based on a powerful idea - placing one’s trust in a network and not in a single centralized entity. 
Seezart is based on that system. When you register an artwork on Seezart, a unique ID is generated that follows your artwork from that point forward. That ID ensures confidence in an art market that is changing and becoming ever more digitized.

What is provenance ?

The provenance of a work of art is a historical record of its lifecycle, from the time of its creation by the artist until the present day.
An ideal provenance history gathers the exhaustive documentary record of the artwork’s journey: owners’ names, dates and type of ownership transference such as inheritance, sale, auction, loans, exhibition, etc., together with the successive locations of the art work.
Unbroken provenance history is rare. That is Seezart’s aim: to record the whole ownership history, making sure there are no gaps in an artwork’s provenance.

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