Ingeniously fake : the most famous cases of scams in art history

Art has always been subject to envy and frauds : it therefore does not escape petty and large-scale crime. From Primitive Arts to the Renaissance and Flemish painting, Impressionism or Modern Art, from Sargon II to Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great,  Stalin Borgia and Goering, History and Art History are punctuated by incredible cases of frauds, looting and scams.


If forgery and handling of forged works of art have always been arousing fascination, it is because they meddle something sacred for us, and that they require both a large dose of talent and dishonesty... What are the most emblematic fraud and forgery cases that have marked History ?

Seezart wanted to tell you some of these anecdotes, that are often as entertaining as they are scaring... Becauseas far as fake and forgery are concerned, creativity and imagination are obviously endless!

Wishing you a nice trip into the most beautiful mirages of art history!