Generate certificates of authenticity with just a few clicks

Seezart uses the blockchain technology to permanently track artworks, allowing you to instantly verify provenance in a few easy steps, with a digital, decentralized and secure global ledger.

Check, certify and notarize all interactions and movements of your artworks, from their creation onward.


Seezart allows you to generate certificates of authenticity for your artworks with just a few clicks, from any connected device, establishing a permanent record of your works.

By ensuring your artworks’ traceability along its entire lifecycle and indisputably proving your authorship, Seezart will protect your art from being faked or forged, provide a clear record of your work, and simplify the process of selling and making bequests.

  • Claim paternity
  • Forget paperwork! Focus on creation
  • Follow your artwork’s history 
  • Monitorize your sales
  • Take control on your art ! 

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